Opportunity to Connect Children and Youth to the Wonders of Nature!


Do you have children or have an interest in helping our kids learn to appreciate and enjoy the great outdoors, natural habitats and wildlife?  We are seeing how today’s culture tends to encourage greater and greater portions of our children’s time in cyberspace, social media, and generally having little to no exposure to the beauty and wonders of nature.  This is very different from when most of us grew up, and the long term effects on their sense of appreciation and respect for nature are of increasing concern.  Will they be prepared to protect the delicate ecosystem we depend on in the decades and centuries to come, as the population continues to grow and natural areas continue to diminish and degrade?

As participants in our South Wake Conservationists chapter of the NC Wildlife Federation, you have already demonstrated both a sincere interest and concern for natural habitats and wildlife.  It is even more important that we educate and inspire the next generation and generations to come to carry on that appreciation and interest.

Recognizing this, the Programs and Education Committee has stated intent to extend its programming to children and youth.  The purpose has been defined as follows:  “Engage the younger generation to develop a lifelong appreciation of the natural habitat and wildlife, learn, explore, and have fun in the outdoors.

We need your help for this to be successful.  In short, we need volunteers like you to help get this program underway.  We will start with small, simple goals, like a few activities in the coming months to get the kids involved and interested, and it should build from there.  To get started, we need you to consider volunteering for this committee.  Many hands make light work, so the more the better!  We have two tracks to cover age-appropriate activities:  Children (Elementary School) and Youth (Middle School), with High School kids helping/mentoring the younger ones.

Please consider the impact you can have on their lives with a little of your time and sign up for one of these two committees.  E-mail mmoree@nc.rr.com to sign up, and please indicate the age group you would like to help.


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