Webinar Aug. 12: Imperiled Plants of NC and the Wildlife Action Plan

Lesley Starke

Over 400 plant species in North Carolina are currently imperiled, with ripple effects across the entire ecosystem.  Please join South Wake Conservationists  for this important briefing by Lesley Starke on Thursday, Aug. 12, 7:00-8:30 PM.  Lesley leads the NC Plant Conservation Program (PCP) at the NC Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services and liaises with the Friends of Plant Conservation non-profit organization that provides support for this program.

PCP owns and manages a network of state dedicated nature preserves across North Carolina, but seeks to promote plant conservation, both on and off the preserves, through establishing strong partnerships with other land-managing agencies and conservation organizations. PCP is actively working with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission to include plants in the NC Wildlife Action Plan, with the hope of expanding opportunities and support for conservation efforts that benefit of all of North Carolina’s plant and wildlife species.

Don’t miss this compelling look into the action needed to save the imperiled flora in North Carolina and their vital role in the ecosystem. Register now to reserve your spot.

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