Help collect 100,000 Native Tree Seeds!


Grow more native trees!

Project Pando is a volunteer-driven tree nursery that sustainably grows native trees to give to the public for free. NC Wildlife Federation’s 2021 Business Conservationist of the Year was awarded to Leaf and Limb founder Basil Camu, who created this concept that will proliferate the planting of native trees by giving away saplings grown from volunteer-collected native seeds. Project Pando’s Native Seed Drive 2021 has a goal of collecting 100,000 native tree seeds, and you can help meet that goal.

Take a look at the best time to collect seeds for specific trees, as well as individual seed profile sheets for each type. These profile sheets provide a quick reference for how to identify the tree, tips on how to collect them, and even how to plant them, if you want to plant some yourself. And once you have collected a bag or box-full, you can simply drop them off at one of seven Project Pando Drop-off Sites throughout the Triangle Please be sure to attach a note showing that you have collected these on behalf of South Wake Conservationists!

Trees are essential to the health of our planet, yet we lose nearly 30 football fields of trees every minute. We must plant billions of new trees worldwide to curb this tree loss. That’s why we started Project Pando.

Leaf and Limb’s Project Pando

There are 28 species of native trees in our area that are producing seeds in the October-November timeframe. Let’s collect some of those seeds to help rebuild our ecosystem and mitigate climate change!

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