Step One in Transforming the “Boulder Garden” into a Pollinator Garden!

On September 7, 2022 a group of volunteers from South Wake Conservationists teamed up with representatives from the North Carolina Wildlife Federation and Yates Mill County Park to perform a vigorous weeding of the park’s Boulder Garden. In addition to removing large quantities of weeds and invasive plants, the group encountered a a thriving wildlife population. Several frogs, an anole lizard and 2 snake species were found in the garden, including a copperhead, which was safely relocated within the park! The group’s goal is to create a pollinator garden this autumn!

One thought on “Step One in Transforming the “Boulder Garden” into a Pollinator Garden!

  1. There is nothing dull about this group. The frogs were hopping, the insects were crawling, the snakes were slithering, and the volunteers were digging and pulling in earnest. This site has great potential and should be planted with pollinator plants in late October. Interested individuals are invited to participate.


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