Invasives Beware!

An intrepid team of South Wake Conservationists won the first battle against the invasive plants at Bass Lake Park in Holly Springs. With tools provided by the park, the team tackled and removed various instances of Bradford Pear, Chinse Bushclover, Autumn Olive, Mimosa Trees, Multiflora Roses, White Mulberry, Japanese Honeysuckle, Oriental Bittersweet, Chinese Privet, Vasey Grass, Autumn Clematis, and Nandina. Thanks to Dave, Cissy, Monika, and Bonnie from SWC, plus our steadfast help from Luke of NCWF. Also, thanks to Bass Lake Park for their support of these conservation efforts.

This was our first chapter-led invasive plant removal activity, and we learned a lot in the process. Much more to do, still, but we are relentless! Luke also created a nice guide to the invasive plants on our agenda, which will be helpful in successive events like this.

Please reach out to SWC via our contact form, if you would like help from SWC figuring out how to tackle these in your backyard. All our backyards together comprise a giant ecosystem!

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