Wake Co. Big Sweep: Future Beech Bluffs County Park

Looking for adventure with a purpose? Help protect our waterways and the oceans! Wake County’s Big Sweep Program is holding a cleanup event on Friday, Nov. 4, 9 AM-12 PM near Willow Springs at the site of the future Beech Bluffs County Park. This cleanup is not for the faint of heart, as the area has many tires, old, appliances, and hazardous terrain. Volunteers will be using trash grabbers, wheelbarrows, and force to remove several tires and debris from the future Beech Bluffs County Park area. The area will be cleared to have an accessible path for volunteer use. However, volunteers can expect uneven terrain, steep drop-offs, and occasional muddy areas. Hiking boots, rubber boots, or comfortable closed-toe shoes are required. Volunteers should bring water and clothes that can get dirty. Trash pickers, trash bags, additional gloves and other cleanup supplies will be provided. Safety instructions and logistics will be reviewed the day of the event as well.

This event is co-sponsored by Wake County Open Space and NCWF. All volunteers need to pre-register and sign a waiver (register below).

One thought on “Wake Co. Big Sweep: Future Beech Bluffs County Park

  1. Hey Monty, Just wanted to say I tutor during the week and Dave is now working storm claims, so we might not be as active weekdays. We’ll stay on the lookout for weekend stuff when we’re in town. Thanks for setting all these up:)


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