Fall Cleanup at the SWC Garden at Bass Lake

Weeding the garden

After a hot and dry summer, plus hungry deer and the occasional rabbit foraging for anything edible, SWC’s Native Shade Plant Demonstration Garden at Bass Lake Park was in need of some TLC. SWC volunteers stepped up to the plate on a beautiful, crisp fall day on Oct. 5 and got the job done, so we will be ready for supplemental planting on Nov. 9. Many thanks to John, Bob, Regan, Bill, Courtney, and Luke!

In addition to weeding and mulching, we were fortunate to have plant experts among the team who were able to identify and flag the surviving plants, which was better than expected, once the obscuring weeds were removed. Most species survived, including River Oats, Hairy Penstemon, Dwarf Crested Iris, Axillary Goldenrod (though somewhat nibbled!), Golden Ragwort, Clasping Coneflower, Green and Gold, and Anise Hyssop. John and Luke are already planning replacement species for the Soloman’s Seal, Foam Flower, Maple-leaved Alumroot, Columbine, and Green-headed Coneflower, which did not fare as well. We also removed a pesky invasive Princess Tree, which keeps trying to come back.

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