SWC is Taking Aim against Hunger

Father with Kids after Deer Hunt

A donation to the South Wake Conservationists’ Harnett Area Deer Donation Site this evening was as rewarding as it gets: A father took his daughter and son hunting for the first time today. This family was thrilled to have created a memory they will never forget, and grateful for the opportunity to share their harvest with other families in need. It was a privilege to support them.

A special thanks to everyone who hunted for our NCWF Deer Donation Program supporting North Carolina Hunters for the Hungry this year. Whether that hard work resulted in a harvest or not, in giving your time, and when possible your harvests, you’ve earned not only the unending gratitude of families you may never meet, but the respect of your community as well. Well done!   

Special thanks also to those who provided financial support to this program, including but not limited to the Town of Holly Springs, which will allow SWC to pay the costs of processing this meat which will be delivered to the Holly Springs Food Cupboard at no cost to the pantry or its patrons.   

The Harnett Area Deer Donation Site stands ready to accept legally harvested deer for service to families in need. The site will remain open every day through January 2nd. Give us a call: (919) 250-8441. Thanks for making a difference! 

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