“Learn to Deer Hunt” Webinar Series

New to deer hunting?   We can help!  This 14-part webinar series can be viewed on-demand and is focused on topics that a new hunter needs to know.

The North Carolina Wildlife Federation is host of the New Hill Hunter Education and Mentoring Program “Learn to Deer Hunt” webinar series. This series was developed and delivered in collaboration with New Hill’s facilitating partners: Opportunity Outdoors,  and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) as part of a year-long learning opportunity offered to new hunters.  Each webinar recording is focused on topics that a new hunter needs to know.  Print resources include a copy of the presentation, valuable to hunting mentors as well.

Access the Learn to Deer Hunt Library for additional resources and follow the New Hill Hunter Education and Mentoring Program on Facebook to explore other learning opportunities that this team offers to new hunters.

INTRODUCTION TO THE DEER HUNTING- Learn why people hunt; the tenets of an ethical hunter, what it takes to become a successful deer hunter, how to find a place to hunt. Click to view
E-SCOUTING- Explore the use of NCWRC game land tools; use of GIS, OnX Maps, Avenza and Huntstand to locate areas you’ll want to scout; and get advice on how to identify and approach landowners Click to view
SETTING UP A FIREARM –Discuss how to select the right firearm for you; Learn to mount a scope, sight in and maintain your firearm Click to view
HUNTING TOOLS – Cut through the advertising hype; identify what you really need in the field.  Minimum and advanced tools; recommended clothing, footwear and moreClick to view
TREE IDENTIFICATION – Learn more about what NC piedmont wildlife habitat has to offer; and discover both online and print resources that serve as invaluable plant identification and use guides. Click to view
HUNTING REGULATIONS – Meet with NCWRC Enforcement staff to learn the basics of a legal hunt, mistakes commonly made by new hunters, suggestions on how to productively hunt on public land. Click to view
INTERESTED IN ARCHERY? – Learn how to select equipment that fits, where to get help with technique, steps you can take to be ready by fall, and more.Click to View
EFFECTIVE USE OF TREESTANDS – Learn the pros and cons of tree stand options, and how to use the safety equipment that may one day save your life.Click to View
GAME CAMERAS: learn fundamentals, lessons learned, use for scouting 24/7Click to View
GETTING TO KNOW THE WHITE-TAILED DEER, SHOT PLACEMENT- understanding how deer communicate, detect danger, and react; where they live; and how you can use each to your advantage can dramatically improve your odds of finding deer.  Learning how to make an effective shot is then your key to success.Click to View
DEVELOP A HUNTING PLAN – Learn now to anticipate deer behavior and movement as habitat, hunting pressure, and food sources change. Learn techniques that can improve your odds – access, timing, stand placement and moreClick to View
BACKCOUNTRY HUNTING – Discover the beauty of the backcountry and learn what you’ll need to be prepared to meet the challenges you’ll face.Click to View
FROM FREEZER TO TABLE -Tips on making the most of your harvested game: best cuts, sausage making, jerky, burgers, steaks, and more.Click to View
HUNTING STRATEGIES WRAP-UP – Setting expectations, keys to a successful hunt, changing strategies as the season progresses, lessons learned by hunters who have been in your shoes.Click to View

Hosted by the South Wake Conservationists and the NC Wildlife Federation.