Field Trip! NC Museum of Art Park

Gyre rings at NCMA Park

We kicked off our new monthly field trip series with a guided tour of the NC Museum of Art Park by our own John Kinsella. John led a group of nine on a fascinating, 90-minute tour of the outdoor art, ecosystem, and environmental engineering of this unique park, the largest art park in the United States! The park is a collaboration among artists, designers, and environmental scientists to create works of art inspired by the natural world. What started out as a civil war camp went on to be a WW1 tank training facility and then a youth correctional facility before transforming into the beautiful park of today, connecting people, art, and nature. South Wake Conservationists have actively supported the environmental aspects of the park with native tree and pollinator plantings throughout the park in recent years.

Watch for new postings soon on this website for future events in our field trip series, where all are welcome, young and old! These will be scheduled typically on weekends at the end of each month, though specific dates may vary month-to-month. Keep an eye on our calendar for these, as well as other events and activities hosted by our chapter.

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