Adventures at the Pond’s Edge!

Kids examining muck in a net from the pond

Twenty-two kids rocked the pond at the NC Museum of Art Park this morning, Aug. 27, digging up pond muck, sorting through it, using dish pans, turkey basters, and magnifying glasses. A big shout out to the NC Museum of Art for providing access to their beautiful pond for this event, as well as to our exceptional volunteers, John Kinsella, Bill Willis, Dave Barber, Cissy McKissick, Eliza Cohn and Colin, Luke Bennett, and NCWF’s newest staff member, Seana. The kids had a blast!

The great news is that the pond is healthy, based on the biodiversity found in the macroinvertebrate population. We found a terrific array of species that largely fall in the healthy pond category, including backswimmers, water boatmen, damselfly and dragonfly larvae, whirligig beetles (boy are they fast!), water scorpions, giant water bugs (eating another critter), water striders, crayfish, and snails.

We love connecting kids with nature, and our Eco Kids series of events have been increasingly popular, so keep an eye out for more upcoming nature adventures.

One thought on “Adventures at the Pond’s Edge!

  1. The parents were very much engaged in the pond study on Saturday. Both kids and family members beamed with excitement as the dip-nets were brought to shore and searched. The wide range of insects both beetles and bugs allowed participants to compare animal characteristics. Families helped other families sharing resources and guides. As a bonus, no parents fell into the water


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