New to deer hunting? We can help!

In support of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission’s wildlife management plan, SWC supports recruitment, retention and reactivation of new deer hunters in a variety of ways: In August, SWC delivered a series of live webinars to 1,689 NCWRC registrants. A 14-part pre-recorded new to deer hunting webinar series has also been published on the NCWF YouTube channel, providing in-depth training on topics that a new hunter needs to know. The New Hill Hunter Education and Mentoring Program delivers more than 40 hours of hands-on, skill-building activities Feb-May of each year and a deer processing class in December. Local hunters were responsible for delivering more than 20,000 meals last year to local families in need though SWC’s Harnett Area Deer Donation Site.

Regulated hunting is widely considered by wildlife experts to be the most effective method of managing wildlife populations at levels that the natural habitat can support. Interested in making a difference in your community? We can help!

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