Winter Discovery Hike

Kids looking at tree

A perfect day for a discovery hike in the woods! On Sat., Jan. 28, a group of curious Eco Kids rambled the woods by Harris Energy and Environmental Center in New Hill and made a lot of great discoveries! Bonnie Eamick led a pre-hike orientation, looking at a variety of animal tracks casts and even some mud dauber nests in the shelter, before heading down the trail. Along the trail the kids made one discovery after another, and we all gathered around to figure out what animal left those clues behind. We found pileated woodpecker holes, yellow-bellied-sapsucker holes, a deer bone that had been gnawed by a rodent, trails leading into holes at the base of tree, where a small mammal lived, and a variety of tracks left in the sand along the creek we followed. Tracks included coyote, deer, and even a skunk!

Be sure to subscribe to our website to see postings for more upcoming Eco Kids outdoor events and activities, especially the upcoming Kids in Nature Day on May 6 at Lake Benson Park in Garner!

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