A Very Productive Pollinator Garden Workday!

On March 14, 2022 eight South Wake Conservationists enjoyed a very productive “pollinator garden party” at Raleigh’s Yates Mill County Park! They pruned dead plant material, removed lots of invasive/aggressive plants, and added a number of pollinator plants (i.e. mountain mint, anise hyssop etc.) to the garden. They will be creating several new gardens to the park in the near future!

One thought on “A Very Productive Pollinator Garden Workday!

  1. What a nice flat location for a pollinator garden. This area should be a great place with a lot of potential going forward. I’m sorry to have missed out on the workday. Thanks to the photographer for documenting the transition. I’m reminded of another garden party by R Nelson.

    I would appreciate a copy of the plant list and a map approximate location within the plant bed for the archives.

    Fantastic job.


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