Connecting with Families at Local Events

It has been a busy month, and we were pleased to be invited to share our conservation message with families in the local area at two events this week. Lincoln Heights held their Tiger Fest for the elementary school kids Friday evening. We have partnered with Lincoln Heights on their pollinator gardens for several years now. On Saturday, we participated in the Wild About Nature Festival at Sugg Farm in Holly Springs. This is a major expansion of the original Turtle Fest, and we had wonderful engagement from many of the families. Our theme in the display and the children’s games was “Endangered Animals in NC,” recognizing both Endangered Species Month and the 50th anniversary of the highly-successful and impactful Endangered Species Act (think Bald Eagle, Grizzly Bear, and Whooping Crane, for instance). We also had special red-wolf mask making plus our Habitat Game, both of which were quite popular with the kids. Many thanks to Jeff and John for helping us get out into the community.

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